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Bible Study Helps, Lessons & Devotionals
Are you looking for answers to life's questions? Do you want to know what the Bible says about a certain subject or issue?

Here are some resources that will help in your life journey.

The Bible Says 

Learn what the Bible Says about the past, present and future. Discover how to apply Scripture to life's pressing questions and needs.
La Biblia Dice
La Bible Dit

Picture It
Discover what happens when photographs and Bible texts unite on the same page to proclaim God’s Word. Enjoy the rich imagery and spiritual impact of these unique devotionals.

City Lights
Do you live in the city or have an interest in urban issues? Come here to enjoy fresh articles on community, commuting, culture, faith, healthcare, homelessness, neighbors, loneliness, pollution, shopping, traffic, urban living, volunteerism, waste and more.

This page features graphic images and scripture texts that convey messages of hope. Entries include objects, people and places that speak spiritual truths! 

Family Devotionals
Family First

Enrich your family experience with these helpful tips, articles and resources. Learn how to turn negatives into positives and build more meaningful relationships. 
  • Redeeming the Years

    As I send another baby gift to one of my children’s friends, I am amazed that we are now entering this phase of life. I am not yet a member of some of my generation’s elite club known as...Read more...

  • Green-Eyed Monsters

    Looking back on my childhood, I now realize I was a somewhat mischievous kid. During the summer months especially, “our gang” of neighborhood children would circle around on our bikes playing...Read more...

  • Children Do Listen

    If you have been a parent for any length of time you know that kids will make you look bad every time. Whether it is the baby proving you wrong when you say, “Come look! She just rolled over!”Read more...

  • The Porch Cover

    The cover over the front porch is ugly! Why did we spend hard earned money to have it built? These thoughts tumbled through my mind as I looked back at the house on my morning walk.Read more...

  • Hope Generation

    If you're 13-18 years old, Hope Generation is for you--with challenging views on alcohol, careers, depression, drugs, environment, faith, freedom, friends, media, music, parents, peers, school, sex, sports, suicide and more.

    God's MVP

    The National Football League stars that grab headlines today are quarterbacks, running backs, and...Read more...

    Dying to Lose Weight

    Want to lose weight? You bet. Want to lose weight with ephedra? You bet your life. Ephedra is...Read more...

    Smoke Rings

    Two new types of cigarettes – kreteks and bidis – are getting teens, especially those in 7th...Read more...

    Keys for Kids

    Keys for Kids is a bi-monthly devotional written especially for children. Each devotion contains a Scripture passage, a story, a personal application, and a verse to memorize. Keys for Kids have been a daily part of children's lives for fourteen years and now more kids than ever are being helped through these insights.