Senior Pastor

Pastor Dexter N. Jenkins Sr. is an ordained Seventh-day Adventist Minister with more than 23 years of ministerial experience. He has a zeal for pastoral work that continues to drive him.

Pastor Jenkins comes to us from the Southern New England Conference, where he had the privilege and honor of ministering to multicultural districts and developed partnerships with the community at large in both rural and urban settings.

Early Desire
His desire to serve the Lord came at an early age. Born into an Adventist family in the city of Colón, Republic of Panamá, Pastor Jenkins recalls his earliest and fondest memories being those of morning family worship sessions, Sabbath School, and Pathfinder Camps.

Pastor Jenkins earned his bachelor's degree from Atlantic Union College and his master's in Pastoral Ministry from Andrews University. He is currently working towards completing a doctorate with an emphasis in Pastoral counseling. He hopes to bring classroom and academic philosophies into a real world setting where theory becomes practice.

Pastor Jenkins has built a philosophy based on service to God, guided by biblical understanding, and the principle of God's unmatched love for His people. His passion for Adventist Christian Education comes from his personal experiences attending Adventist institutions — from kindergarten through university — and seeing firsthand the blessings and the impact that it has had on people.

Pastor Jenkins considers his family members as his partners in ministry; his wife Sarah of 21 years and their sons Dexter Jr. and Jeriel. The Jenkins' first approach is one rooted in a belief that a Christ-centered family is a stronger family and that such family units are the vanguards of healthy evangelism.

Pastor Jenkins believes in a multifaceted approach to ministry — using all the tools available to share the gospel and to promote spiritual growth. He believes in fostering a growing church where multiple generations of worshippers can share their experiences as members of the family of God.