Make yourself at home, here at Duluth.

Duluth SDA Church is a community of faith that loves God, cares for each other, and brings light to the world. We are a multinational group of disciples of Jesus seeking to live out His Great Commandment and Great Commission.

You may hear us communicating or worshipping in English or Spanish, but our main language is love. Come on over. Say, hello or hola. We'd love to meet you.

children giving piggy-back rides

What to Expect

Visiting on a Saturday Morning

Some people find it uncomfortable to walk into a new church. But here's what you can expect when you visit Duluth Seventh-day Adventist Church.

We are a multi-lingual family. On most Saturdays, there are separate but simultaneous English and Spanish meetings. The English speaking group is in the main Sanctuary. The Hispanic group meets in the multipurpose gymnasium. However, on special occasions, both groups are together — there is usually live translation or closed circuit translation.

Most people typically dress up because we feel like we are honoring God when we do this — it's like meeting with the king or president at their royal or presidential office. God is the King of kings. Some people dress business casual as well. You can come as you'd like, we won't judge you!

When you arrive, you'll be welcomed by a greeting team, who will share our weekly service bulletin.

They may say, "Happy Sabbath!" It's just our way of welcoming you on this special day of worship.

10:00 AM

Sabbath School

Here's another term you may hear — "Sabbath School" is our Bible study session. It begins at 10:00 A.M. on Saturdays, and there are classes for all ages. So, if you have kids, they will have age-appropriate study activities at that time. Don't worry, our greeters will assist you in selecting a class and show you where it meets.

One other thing about Sabbath School — it's usually an open, interactive, Bible study session. And everyone usually loves to participate. Sabbath School ends at 10:45 A.M. and for the next 15 minutes we move to the sanctuary (English) or Gym (Spanish) and take care of any needs.

11:00 AM

Worship Service

At 11:00 A.M. the worship service starts. There are a few features that take place before the message from the pastor: We officially welcome our guests and members — everyone who comes to worship. There is a scripture reading, a mission spotlight, storytime for children, special prayer, and praise (congregational singing).

Our singing includes both hymns and contemporary praise choruses.

The speaker's message is typically 30 - 40 minutes long. Once we close, we enjoy taking time to get to know our guests. If you remain seated as everyone leaves, our members and leaders will come to meet you. We would love to get to know you more.

On the 2nd Saturday of the month, the English Ministry stays to enjoy a potluck meal together. Our Hispanic Ministry holds their potluck on the 4th Saturday of the month. We invite you to be a bi-lingual eater, along with some of us! Please look in the bulletin for more information about this. You won't need to bring anything, we would love for you to join us!

Many of the meals are vegetarian, but they are all delicious!

Next Events

Can't make it on Saturday morning? Looking for other opportunities to connect with fellow believers? Join us at any of these upcoming events!

Welcome Home

Duluth SDA Church is a community of believers from various national origins, who are united by our love for God. We value our diversity — and you will notice that at the main entrance to our sanctuary, where we have over 40 national flags colorfully displayed on the wall.

We often like to think that our community is what heaven will be like! Together, we're learning to love others as Jesus loves us. We are discovering what it means to worship God in spirit and truth and trusting Him in our lives.

If you are searching for a church that teaches the Word of God and encourages each other in living a life of peace as we follow Him, then we invite you to join our family.

Welcome to Duluth!


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